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Note: This is all very old software that no longer is supported or recommended. Click on the version of software you need to download. (Registration keys required for some installations)


Released May 20, 2002

This is a full release of the HPMMI software. This release brings a new feature to the product called Product Calibration. This feature allows the user to configure and capture offset adjustments for the Area2 value of the Flow Controller. They can then select the product they will be running from the calibration panel for each Flow Controller and have that offset factored into the calibration information sent to the Flow Controller.

This feature is a great time saver for operations that change their product run configurations frequently.

HPMMI V1.5.1

Released November 26, 2001

This is a full release of the HPMMI software. It is only intended for users who have the HPFC6 Flow Controller EPROM upgrades.

If you have the HPFC5 EPROM then you should continue to use 1.5 (below).


Released January 23, 2001

This is full release of the HPMMI software. To install this release you need to download the ZIP file, unzip it into a directory and run the Setup.EXE from that directory.
This release consolidates all of the prior patches and adds some cleanup to finalize this round of development.

Here are some specific notes about whats in V1.5 of HPMMI.
- The data log now closes when the FC is either stopped or reaches a target as set by the operator. This addresses an issue reported that indicated that the logs were being left open on FCs that had been stopped, resulting in some very large log files.
- The uploading of linearization and learning tables is now able to take advantage of the pacing mechanism added in V1.4.6.
This comes with a small expense and something that operators need to be aware of. We changed the way in which HPMMI talks to FCs during upload operations. While you are uploading to any particular FC the HPMMI stops polling ALL other FCs on the network. This addresses problems around partial uploads and numerous communication errors occuring during upload. When the upload is complete the polling mechanism resumes from where it was when the upload commenced.

A note about communication errors.

It seems that many people develop concern about the appearance of the communication error messages
that they see in the status bar of HPMMI. This message can indicate a number of situations.
- The FC/CP is not in a state to talk to the HPMMI software when the HPMMI software expected it to be.
- The FC/CP is too busy with performing other computations to maintain the polling rate that HPMMI is using. Specifically, this was the case that resulting in adding the pacing feature. Even with the pacing feature it is possible to see the occasional CommErr in the event that the HPMMI requests data just as the FC is re-entering the computation cycle. This isn't really an error and no data is lost.